All varieties of old recordings can now be handled using the following machines.....


Reel to Reel

Revox B77 running at 7.5 and 15 inches per second, for two track stereo recordings, typically master stereos from recording studios....


Akai 1800SD running at 3.75 and 7.5 ips, for four track stereo recordings, typically domestic stereo recordings...

Studer B67 running at 7.5 and 30ips. Only the best studios used 30ips to master with, and these machines are quite rare nowadays, but we've got one!!




Denon, Sony and Technics standard machines, Fostex four-track portastudio (double speed), Diamond Graf 16 times high speed duplicator, and micro-cassette, and also the old in-car 8track, again, these machines are rare, but we've got one!!



LP, EP, & Singles

Thorens TD180, a really great record deck, stylus for 33s, 45s and 78s


If you have an old treasured recording in your loft, why not have it transferred to CD so you can listen to it again? (By the way, if you have an old reel to reel tape from the 80's, do be careful! They usually suffer from "sticky tape syndrome" and will need to be baked at a very low temperature before being played - or they may destroy themselves as they unwind!!!! We have the facility for this baking, and if in doubt it is far safer to err on the side of caution! Costs are around £20 to bake and, depending on length, about £20-£30 to put on to CD)


Old Recordings