What we do!

"Pathway" - a door to the future,... but don't worry if you aren't a fired-up right-on christian, we do secular stuff too!! We've spent years and years in the music business, working in clubs, pubs, concert halls, TV and radio, if what you want to do is to record a Rock album, but  in a nice, friendly studio.....give us a call......

Are you a singer? We can find backing tracks for you, or provide live backing, whether you want to record just one song, make a demo of three or four songs, or make an entire album. We have a vocal booth, some top flight microphones, sophisticated and subtle enhancements, all the reverbs, echoes etc you could want,  to make your voice sound “just right”. If you're new to it all, don’t worry, come and ask us whatever questions you may have, and we’ll try to make you feel as “at home” as we can!

Are you a musician? Record yourself, either solo or along with tracks or other musicians, to make a really good demo or album . We’ve worked with the best.....and we’ve worked with the worst! Our job is to help you to be a good as you can be, to help bring out the God-given talent that’s in you.

Are you a collector? Maybe you have some old 78s or old tape recordings that you want to put onto CD? While in some cases there may be copyright issues, in other cases there may not. Give us a call and we may well be able to help.

Are you a song-writer? Come and record your demo with us......and if you need help with arranging or orchestrating.....if you need backing singers......if you need almost anything to get that special “zing”.....we can help

Are you a preacher? If you need to be recorded, we can record you “live” in church....or you can record your sermons right here, with time to pray beforehand, and time to stop and start in the studio. The spoken word is something we do quite frequently, and we appreciate that this is something that brings its own unique quality to the studio.